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Cavoodle coat colours vary given that this crossbreed’s parents come in numerous shades, patterns, and types. Its Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent has four different colours, while its Poodle parent is much more diverse. Because the Cavoodle has multiple colour genes, it is often said that no two dogs look the same. If you are considering adopting this breed, here are the colours it comes in:


White Cavoodles are the result of a white Poodle. However, rarely would you find a completely white dog. Usually, white Cavoodles have other colours mixed in like spots of tan, black, or red.


This colour is considered the most dominant one among Cavoodles because black is a common colour in both Cavaliers and Poodles. Chances that a Cavoodle will turn out entirely black is likely, but other times, it may have white patches on some parts of its body.


Chocolate is a classic colour not only for Cavoodles but also for other dog breeds. It is often the result of having a black or brown Poodle as one of the parents. Dogs with this coat colour are usually dark brown with patches of white on their forehead, chest, and toes.


Another common coat colour for a Cavoodle is tan. Often, this shade stems from the Poodle side especially if it is apricot- or cream-coloured. Sometimes, even a solid tan Cavoodle can have splashes of black, apricot, and white.


The average person may not be able to tell between an apricot-coated Cavoodle from a tan-coated one. The difference is that an apricot-coloured dog has gold and peach tones. At times, there are also white patches on the face, chest, and paws.

Red / Chestnut

One of the most popular Cavoodle colours is red or chestnut. This coat colour often stays consistent throughout a dog’s life. Pooches that have this shade of coat may have splashes of white on some parts of their body.


Some Cavoodles sport a mix of two colours which is often due to the Cavalier side of the breeding. Colour combinations include black and tan; black and white; red and white; tan and white; apricot and white; chocolate and latte; and gold and Blenheim, among many others.


Some Cavoodles boast of three different colour combinations. Dogs with this coat type are often the most expensive. Generally, tri-coloured pooches have black as the base of their coat and splashes of other colours like white and tan.


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