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One of the biggest complaints new dog owners have is about house training their puppy. This isn’t too unexpected, as all dogs have accidents when they’re young. Getting them to go potty in the right place can be challenging for those who haven’t yet had the experience of doing it. 

However, once you’ve broken down the process into more manageable steps, house training a puppy is actually very easy so long as you’re patient and consistent. Teaching your puppy the proper boundaries of living in your home will help give them comfort and confidence. 

Starting Off With House Training Your Cavoodle Puppy

Before you even start, you need to have the proper mindset. You need to be positive and upbeat throughout the process, and always remember that positive reinforcement is always better than punishment. 

What we are trying to do is give your Cavoodle puppy the opportunity to go potty outside, and reward them when they do. The process relies on the owner being consistent with the schedule, and not teaching the puppy negative behaviours inside the house. 

Of course, the puppy’s temperament and behaviours before you bring them home will also play a role in how well they respond to training. That’s why puppies from ethical breeders or a Cavoodle breeders club will be your best bet when you’re looking for a puppy to bring home. 

How to House Train Your Cavoodle Puppy

Step 1: Set a Schedule

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to house training your puppy. Dogs love knowing what’s going to happen throughout the day, and that’s one of the best ways for them to learn what to do. 

Your schedule should include:

  • Feeding times
  • Potty breaks
  • Play time
  • Sleeping time (in a crate)

Step 2: Give Them a Chance to Potty

The next step is taking them outside and giving them a chance to go potty in your chosen spot. Don’t bother them during this process so that they can focus on doing their business. Dogs will naturally want to go potty on grass or dirt, so this shouldn’t take longer than around ten to fifteen minutes. 

If they don’t finish going within that time frame, then it’s better to bring them back inside and place them in the crate once again. They need to learn that when they’re brought outside, they’re supposed to go potty. 

Step 3: Reward Them When They Go

You want to reward your puppy for displaying the proper behaviour the moment it occurs. When your puppy successfully does go potty in the right place, give them positive reinforcement and lots of praise! So they should be on a leash and close by to you so you can capture the moment.

Step 4: Repeat

So that accidents don’t become habits (and cause headaches later on), stick to the schedule, bringing them out more often than you think you should. You want lots of opportunities for them to build the association in their minds that going outside means potty time. Doing this over the course of a couple of weeks should have them fully potty trained in no time!

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