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How the DoGoodDoggy Training System Can Transform Your Puppy

Why Signing Up For DoGoodDoggy Gives Your Puppy a Head Start

Dog training is one of the hottest topics for any dog owner. Out of the hundreds of training systems that are available online and in person, the DoGoodDoggy training system is our favourite. The DoGoodDoggy Method is a tried, tested and proven method that has seen success with thousands of dog owners already. 

This system is designed by dog experts, owners and veterinarians to cover all critical aspects of a dog’s early development.

One of the main features of the DoGoodDoggy method is how quickly it can be implemented. Within 35 days, your dog can learn essential life skills and behaviours that will help them live their fullest, happiest lives. 

DoGoodDoggy will teach you and your pup the skills to ensure they settle into your home as smoothly and quickly as possible. Let’s check out how the DoGoodDoggy training system is helping thousands of DoGoodDoggy members achieve their doggy training goals. 


It teaches your puppy to be independent

To help your puppy transition into your home, they have to be taught from a young age that being independent is a good thing. Many puppies become dependent on their owners, which can be stressful and cause them to develop negative behaviours. 

The DoGoodDoggy training system sets up an area where the puppy can be left alone to rest and recharge, with ample opportunity for mental stimulation. This helps teach your pup that they have a safe space where they have everything they need, even if their owner is not in sight. 

The result is that your puppy will learn to value their alone time, instead of fearing it. 


It helps your puppy stop whining and crying

Puppy crying can be distressing for first-time dog owners, and can be a sign that the puppy is anxious or afraid. Getting your puppy to settle down can be a big challenge, and almost all dog owners have experienced being kept up at night by a crying puppy.

The DoGoodDoggy course shows you how you can teach your puppy to get used to their new surroundings and avoid reinforcing their crying behaviours. 



It stops your puppy from biting

Puppy teeth are sharp and can really hurt if they get overly excited and start nipping at your hands, feet or clothes. Many dog owners have also had their furniture, plants and appliances ruined by puppy bites. 

Teaching your puppy to stop biting at things is one of the hardest things to do, especially when your puppy is teething. The DoGoodDoggy training system gives you the tools to redirect your puppy’s biting behaviour, and how to communicate with your puppy when they try biting you. 


It helps your puppy go to the toilet in the right place

Toileting mistakes can be frustrating even for the best and most experienced dog owners. Teaching your puppy to go to the toilet in the proper place and at the proper times is one of the most important goals of the DoGoodDoggy system. 

Over the 35-day course, you’ll learn how to introduce toilet training to your puppy, then how to get them used to going potty on a schedule. You’ll also receive guidance on how to correct toileting mistakes when your puppy has an accident – they’re still young, after all!



It teaches your puppy to be calm and well-behaved

The habits puppies learn at a young age can stick with them for life. The better an owner can communicate with their puppy, the easier it is to correct poor behaviours and teach the puppy how to behave properly.

The DoGoodDoggy method gives you the tools you need to teach your puppy everything they need to know. From basic commands to good and bad habits, the 35-day training course addresses almost all of the typical new dog owner complaints about their puppy.

Thousands of DoGoodDoggy members have already seen success, ending up with happier, more confident and more obedient dogs.


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