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Each dog is unique, with their own personalities and needs, but one thing is common among all dogs – the need to eat. Giving your dog the proper nutrition is one of the keys to their health and happiness, and Cavoodles are no different. It’s always good to give your Cavoodle puppies food that is high-quality and nutrient-balanced, as they are still growing and developing. The same goes for adults, and may actually be even more important as their metabolisms slow down, making them more prone to weight gain.

While there’s this idea that dogs will eat anything their owner puts in front of them, this is not always the case. Many dog owners experience the issue of their dog being a fussy eater. This can happen even when they give their dog tasty, high-quality food with the right balance of nutrients. Let’s go through some of the ways we can keep this problem from rearing its ugly head.

How to Keep a Cavoodle From Being A Fussy Eater:

  1. Stop giving your Cavoodle table scraps

Keeping a Cavoodle from being a picky eater starts with our own behaviour. Sometimes we just can’t resist giving our dogs table scraps. Dogs are smart and learn how to behave so they get the things they want, such as tasty human food. Cavoodles are experts at this because they’re so intelligent, and they know that by looking adorable they can get us to give them some of our meal. 

Resist the temptation to give in to your Cavoodle. Dog food is the best food you can give them. If you do have to give them treats, the treats should be dog-specific treats. 

  1. Have a consistent meal schedule

It can be hard to have set meal times, especially if we’re really busy with work or other responsibilities. Sometimes we simply won’t be able to be home in time for dinner, or won’t be up for breakfast. This lack of consistency can be a problem for dogs who are creatures of habit. If they aren’t expecting a meal at a particular time, they may simply not be ready to eat then. 

It’s good practice to feed your dog within the same 30 to 60-minute window for each meal. That way, they’re looking forward to it each time. Leave the food out only for 15 to 20 minutes so that they learn to finish their food within that time frame.

  1. Make mealtime fun

Some dogs get bored with their food, and others get bored with how they get their food. Both of these can be addressed with some simple games or puzzles for your dog. Dogs in the wild are used to either hunting for their food or scrounging for it. Simulating these activities can make meals much more rewarding for your Cavoodle.

Snuffle mats and scatter feeding are two very cheap options to have your dog try to hunt for their food during mealtime. Just spread their food out on the snuffle mat or hide the food around their eating area. There are also food dispensers in balls or toys that your dog will have to push or shake before they get the food – this can simulate hunting behaviour. Either way, your dog will have to work for their meal. 

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  1. Hi , my puppy cavoodle is fussy from day 1 .she is 13 weeks old now & got her at 8 weeks .
    She had a bad start once I bought her home .Eg diarrhoea for 5 days & just drank water . I then offered cooked chicken , pumkin & rice to get something into her belly.
    I then was recommended by my breeder to get her on to dried kibble , nope tried 4 premium brands.
    Wet food in a roll
    Nope !!! She will only eat as a game . Gas trouble eating out of a bowl too .
    Need help & some post I’ve advice .
    She has put on weight , but not much .??

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