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Cavoodles come in various colours and hair types but normally shed very little, which makes their coat relatively low maintenance. However, you still need to regularly groom your dog, either at home or in a professional canine salon, to keep its coat looking its best. Without frequent brushing, bathing, and trimming, its fur can become tangled and knotted over time. So how does Cavoodle grooming work? Let’s start with the basics.

Brushing Goes A Long Way

Matting is common in many dog breeds, including the low-shedding Cavoodle. It is recommended that you brush your pooch at home regularly, preferably once or twice a week.

To start, grab a de-matting comb or brush, then work through the matted patch of hair slowly and carefully. If you come across a stubborn tangle or knot, switch to a grooming comb or slicker brush. Begin at one end of your Cavoodle, then slowly work your way up to its body for a smoother process.

Should your dog show any sign of discomfort, it is recommended that you brush in conjunction with a detangler spray. Make sure to be extra careful when brushing around your dog’s face to avoid getting a stray brush bristle in its eye. Additionally, pay close attention to areas that rub, such as the ears, neck, armpits, ankles, and paws.

Bathing is Key

Dogs need to be bathed, and the Cavoodle is no exception. It is recommended that you bathe it every one to two weeks, especially if you frequent the local dog park. This is to keep its coat clean, smelling good, and free of oils.

Before bathing your dog, make sure you have all the things you need, like a towel for drying and a basin for holding water, close at hand. It is important that you use good-quality and gentle dog shampoo when bathing your Cavoodle. Otherwise, it may suffer from skin disorders and even eye problems.

Once your dog has been bathed, dry it off then brush it. Brush it down from head to tail using a wire brush.

Trimming is Necessary

The Cavoodle either has a long, silky coat or a short, curly one. Regardless of the fur it has, it still needs to be clipped every six weeks to keep its hair away from its eyes. Doing so makes it easier for your dog to see as well as minimises the risk of eye infection.

When giving your dog a haircut at home, it is important that you use a good pair of grooming scissors. Start trimming the hair on the bridge of its nose, cutting your way upwards. Make sure to trim the hair around the eyes while covering the latter to prevent injury. Try to leave the whiskers on its nose, chin, and upper lip alone as these help canines detect objects and movement. Finally, carefully clip around the ears.

Should you need to cut the hair on the body of your Cavoodle, it is recommended that you use electric clippers. Begin at the neck, then move slowly down towards the tail. Next, cut the hair on the legs and sides. Trim gently on the stomach area as this part is sensitive. Finally, do a few touchups.

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