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A cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, the Cavoodle is one of the most popular household pets in Australia today. This is why it is a common question if this breed makes a wonderful apartment dog. Below are 14 reasons why it deserves a space in your dwelling.

#1 It is small

One of the top reasons why the Cavoodle is perfect for apartment living is its size. Standard Cavoodles can be anywhere between 25 and 40 centimetres tall. Toy Cavoodles can grow as big as 30 to 35 centimetres, while Miniature Cavoodles can average from 40 to 45 centimetres.

#2 It has an excellent temperament

Combining the best traits of its parents, the Cavoodle has a sweet disposition. It is gentle and affectionate, and will love to cuddle with you every chance it gets.

#3 It makes a great companion

The Cavoodle has been deliberately bred as a companion dog, so you can expect it to have a friendly and loving temperament. It is loyal to those whom it considers as family.

#4 It is good with children

If you are looking for an amazing babysitter, this crossbreed is the right choice. Because of its playful nature, your children will have an amazing time bonding with it.

#5 It is friendly with other pets

Easy-going and adaptable, the Cavoodle enjoys playing with dogs when properly socialised. It gets along well with other household pets, including cats.

#6 It sheds very little

Tired of cleaning up dog hair on your furniture? The Cavoodle is a low-shedding breed, so you will worry less about fur accumulating whenever it jumps on your bed or couch.

#7 It is hypoallergenic

Those who are sensitive to dog hair will love that the Cavoodle is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Its fur won’t irritate those who are prone to asthma or hay fever.

#8 It sleeps a lot

The Cavoodle makes a great choice for an apartment pet if you are a busy individual. It can sleep around 12 hours a day, spread out. When exhausted from play or exercise, it will sleep a little more.

#9 It has moderate exercise needs

Ideally, the Cavoodle needs 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day. On days when you can’t take it out for a stroll, you can have it walk around your apartment or play with toys.

#10 It is generally quiet

The Cavoodle does bark, but only in certain cases like when it is hungry, anxious, or in pain. Even when it does bark, the sound it produces is usually between a whimper and a howl.

#11 It is easy to train

When you live in a small space, training a dog may not seem like an easy thing to do. Luckily, the Cavoodle is highly intelligent and eager to please, so training it is relatively simple. Praise, repetition, and patience are the keys.

#12 It doesn’t need a yard to be healthy and happy

Because it does not require much exercise, the Cavoodle will benefit from a walk around your apartment or the neighbourhood. After an activity, it will be content spending time on the couch watching television with you.

#13 It makes a great therapy dog

If your reason for adopting a dog is for emotional support, the Cavoodle is a suitable choice. With its exceptional temperament, it may help lift your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety or depression.

#14 It does not need a lot of space

As long as the Cavoodle is surrounded by company, it does not need a lot of space to thrive. It will be happy living in a tiny apartment as long as it is with family and gets all the physical and mental stimulation it needs.

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