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Cavoodles are one of the most sought-after dog breeds in Australia because of their sweet disposition and keen intelligence. Not only that, many Cavoodles end up being hypoallergenic, making them an attractive choice for people with dog allergies. This hybrid of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle is typically classified as a small breed. They have moderate energy levels, meaning they need some exercise every day, but they also enjoy lounging around and napping.

Why Get a Dog Bed for a Cavoodle

Just like a human, a Cavoodle needs to be able to sleep peacefully so that they can feel refreshed and relaxed. Most Cavoodles will attempt to sleep almost anywhere, but a good quality dog bed has many benefits for both you and your dog. 

  • A safe space – All dogs need a safe space that they can call their own. Many dog owners set up a crate as the dog’s shelter, even inside the house, but a dog bed is also another option. What’s important is that the space is somewhere where the dog isn’t unnecessarily bothered by other animals or people.
  • Cleanliness – Dogs can spend up to 16 hours per day sleeping, so if your Cavoodle spends a majority of that time in their bed, so will any shed hair and dander. Clean-up is made easier since most dog beds are easy to clean, being either machine washable or dirt- and water-proof. 
  • Comfort – Everyone likes a nice soft surface to lie on, especially dogs. Most dogs will choose a soft and fluffy bed instead of a hard floor, if they have a choice. This can also be important later on in your Cavoodle’s life if they become more sensitive to hard surfaces. 
  • Warmth – Being raised off the ground is an important part of every dog’s sleeping arrangements. Anyone who has ever gone camping knows that sleeping on the ground can leave you freezing cold at night. Just that little bit of insulation between the dog and the ground can increase their comfort by a large degree. 

What Kind of Dog Bed to Get

Since Cavoodles don’t grow too large, you can usually find a dog bed that will fit your Cavoodle throughout their whole life. What’s more important is your Cavoodle’s preferred sleeping position. Like humans, dogs can contort themselves into all sorts of shapes when they’re trying to get comfortable. Before buying a dog bed for your Cavoodle, observe them when they’re fully asleep. Do they curl up into a roll? Do they splay their legs out? Do they flip upside down with their belly up? Knowing your dog’s preferences will help you choose a size of bed that fits them best. 

Once you know how big you’ll need to go, you can then pick the shape and features of the bed that you get for your dog. Since Cavoodles are companion dogs, many of them sleep indoors. A dog bed in either a round or oval shape made out of a plush, machine-washable material is usually a safe bet for indoor Cavoodles. Pillow inserts should also be machine-washable for ease of cleaning.

If your Cavoodle sleeps in an outdoor structure, a more durable dog bed that is weather and temperature resistant may be necessary. This type of dog bed should have legs that raise it off the ground to help keep the dog dry when it’s raining. Options for the material for this dog bed are usually hardy fabrics such as ballistic nylon. 

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