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Cavoodles have become a big hit. Their calm temperament and affectionate nature make them well-suited to being family pets, even when the household has young children. It’s no surprise that they’re one of the most-searched pets for sale in Australia, since Aussies love their pets. But since it’s a hybrid breed, it can sometimes be challenging to find a reputable Cavoodle breeder. 

If you’re looking for Cavoodles for sale in NSW, PetsForHomes has got you covered. With the PetsforHomes breeder review section, you can see whether the breeder you’re speaking with is responsible and takes good care of their puppies. PetsForHomes does this so that previous buyers can help other Australian families make educated decisions when buying a pet. PetsForHomes is a venue for ethical breeders to post free ads, helping pet buyers find the right pet for them. 

What to Ask A Dog Breeder in Australia

It’s still important to ask questions when buying a pet, and here are some of the important ones a reputable breeder should be able to answer:

  • Are you a registered breeder? 

Registered breeders have to abide by the rules and regulations of a registered breeder association. Organisations such as Responsible Pet Breeders Australia ensure that breeders treat their animals humanely and ethically. Being a part of this type of association means that there is accountability for their breeding practices. 

  • Has the dog been microchipped?

All dogs must be microchipped before being sold or given away in Australia. Doing so without a microchip has legal and ethical consequences, and should be reported to the relevant breeder association immediately. 

  • What is the dog’s vaccination status?

Accurate records of the dog’s vaccinations must be kept, and given to the buyer upon sale. These vaccination certificates must include the dates of next treatment, details of the treatment required, and a record of who administered the treatment. 

  • Is the dog completely healthy?

Ethical breeders must answer truthfully about any health concerns regarding a dog being sold. Buyers must be able to make educated decisions about adopting or buying any dog with health problems, as there can be increased costs and the welfare of the animal must be considered. 

Apart from these questions, a good dog breeder will educate the buyer about the following details:

  1. Average lifespan of the dog breed
  2. General care requirements of the breed
  3. General information about vet care and worming of the breed
  4. Recommended level of exercise and social interaction
  5. Legal requirements regarding pet ownership in the locality

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