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A dog-friendly city, the capital of New South Wales is a wonderful place for pooch owners and their furry friends to live in. There are numerous parks where canines can go off-leash, beaches where they can enjoy a long walk, hotels where they can experience a luxurious stay, and dining establishments where they can have a sumptuous doggy meal.

Given that the city welcomes pooches of all breeds with open arms, it comes as no surprise that the average monthly search for dogs in this vibrant place was 3,600 from December 2020 to November 2021, according to Google Australia KW Planner. And because Cavoodles are one of the most popular dog breeds here, Cavoodle puppies for sale in Sydney had an average monthly search of 1,000 in the same period.

A mix between a Poodle and Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel, the Cavoodle is very much adored for being playful, friendly, and lively. But while its traits are positive, many prospective dog owners worry about how such a high-energy dog can adjust to a suburban setting. The good news is, this canine adapts easily to just about any environment – even a quiet one. This is because Sydney is home to many dog-friendly suburbs.  

Top 3 Sydney Suburbs with Cavoodles

#1 Balmain

Balmain is an excellent place to live in or visit if you are looking for a suburb where your Cavoodle can play with and meet other dogs of its kind. Located in the inner west of Sydney, which is just a short distance from the central business district, it is well known for being accommodating to pooches of every breed.

Here, you can go for a nice walk with your canine along Tom Uren Trail or Iron Cove Bay and marvel at the breathtaking harbour views. You can also visit several off-leash parks like Bridgewater, Birchgrove, Elkington, and Mort Bay.

When you and your dog feel like having a snack, indulge in the many dog-friendly restaurants, cafés, and pubs around. Before you end the day, catch a ferry to the city together.

#2 Rose Bay

Situated in the eastern suburb of Sydney, this harbourside is popular for its dog-friendly beach that overlooks the majestic Sydney Harbour. Canines of every breed come to this place all the time, so your Cavoodle will always have some other pooch to play with.

At Rose Bay Foreshore and Lyne Park, your dog can enjoy hours of off-leash moments. When hunger strikes, just head to nearby pooch-friendly establishments like Sugar and Spoon Café, The Golden Sheaf, and Rose Bakehouse.

#3 Manly

In northern Sydney is Manly, a beach-side suburb. This beautiful haven boasts of dog-friendly places such as beaches, dining establishments, and parks. Here, you can take your pooch to the Manly Lagoon Park, Shelly Beach, or Aitkin Reserve to go off-leash and meet other dogs.

Should you get famished, delight yourself in the delectable food of dog-friendly restaurants like Betty’s Burgers and Concrete Co., DeVita, and Wockbar.

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