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Known for their charming demeanour, friendly disposition, and irresistible fluff, the Cavoodle has become increasingly popular among dog lovers. But owning one means frequent Cavoodle grooming sessions to maintain its fluffy coat and keep it free from knots and tangles. This article explores three of the best haircuts for your Cavoodle, taking into account not just style, but also health and comfort for your furry friend.

The Teddy Bear Cut

A top choice among Cavoodle owners, the Teddy Bear Cut, also known as the Puppy Cut, is as cute as it sounds. The name stems from the cut’s end result, which gives the dog a look that’s reminiscent of a plush teddy bear.

Grooming Process:

In the Teddy Bear Cut, the hair is typically clipped to between 1 and 2 inches all over the body, giving the coat a fluffy, even appearance. However, the exact length can be modified according to the owner’s preference and the dog’s comfort. The hair around the face is often left slightly longer and carefully sculpted around the eyes, nose, and mouth to create that characteristic teddy bear-like roundness.


Apart from its appealing look, this cut is also practical. The short, even length makes the coat easier to maintain, reduces matting, and can keep your Cavoodle cool during the warmer months. Moreover, because it doesn’t drastically alter the natural look of the Cavoodle, this style allows their beautiful coat to shine through.

The Lamb Cut

Another favourite among Cavoodle owners is the Lamb Cut. This cut gives your Cavoodle a distinct look, making it appear like a miniature lamb, hence the name.

Grooming Process:

In the Lamb Cut, the body hair is trimmed short, usually about half an inch to an inch long, with scissors or clippers. The legs are left with slightly longer hair, giving the illusion of a lamb’s leg. To achieve this, groomers often shape the leg hair into a cylindrical or rounded shape, tapering towards the paw. The hair on the head and tail is also left longer, but neatened and rounded off for an overall balanced aesthetic.


The Lamb Cut is a great choice for those living in hotter climates, as it removes the bulk of the Cavoodle’s thick coat. At the same time, the longer hair left on the legs, head, and tail gives the dog some protection from the cold, making it a suitable style for all seasons. It’s also a moderately low-maintenance style, requiring regular but not overly frequent grooming sessions.

The Lion Cut

The Lion Cut, though less common, can give your Cavoodle a unique and head-turning appearance. This cut is particularly suitable for dogs that have developed a lot of matting or for those living in exceptionally hot climates.

Grooming Process:

In the Lion Cut, the hair on the body and rear legs is shaved short, while the hair on the neck, chest, front legs, and tail is left long, imitating the look of a lion’s mane and tail. It’s crucial to ensure the transition from the shaved area to the longer hair is gradual and blended to achieve a natural look.


The Lion Cut drastically reduces the amount of hair on the Cavoodle, which can be a relief during hot weather. It’s also a solution for severe matting, as the matted hair can be shaved off. Keep in mind, however, that this cut might require more professional grooming experience to maintain the shape and blend the different lengths seamlessly.


A Cavoodle’s haircut can greatly influence not only their aesthetic appeal but also their comfort and overall health. Whether you opt for the charming Teddy Bear Cut, the practical Lamb Cut, or the daring Lion Cut, the most important factor is your Cavoodle’s wellbeing. Always ensure grooming sessions are stress-free experiences for your pet, and remember that regular brushing and maintenance at home are crucial, regardless of the hairstyle chosen. By taking these factors into consideration, your Cavoodle will not only look great but feel great too.

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