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Shock was what Patrick Crisostomo, age 30, felt when two ferocious dogs brutally mauled to death Kevy, a Cavoodle he was pet sitting for, on the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail in Melbourne last May 19.

According to the horrified caretaker, the dogs, which he believes to be Pit Bulls, came from behind and started tearing the smaller dog apart. Crisostomo tried to push them away and shield the little Cavoodle with his body, but it had already sustained injuries to its hands, arms, shoulders, and legs.

While the Cavoodle attack, which lasted for more than 30 seconds, was transpiring, the Pit Bulls’ owner appeared but did not intervene. Crisostomo begged the man to help him, as the dogs were not only mauling his Cavoodle but also biting him.

Eventually, the Pit Bulls’ owner subdued the dogs with a blue stick, but once he was able to a get a hold of his vicious animals, he simply walked away. Meanwhile, Kevy had its body ripped open, causing it to die on the scene.

A Mourning Family Seeks Help

Crisostomo’s family members have taken to social media to track down the irresponsible and heartless owner of the savage dogs. His wife, Tze Han Kee, shared photos of her husband’s injuries on the arms, back, and legs to show how ghastly the attack was.

The family said that it will do anything to seek justice and is urging the owner of the Pit Bulls to come forward. It fears the violent dogs may strike again and harm other innocent lives if nothing is done.

The Police Investigates

Crisostomo told the police that the mysterious man used a blue stick to stop the attack before fleeing the scene. Luckily, the stick was left at the scene, and an image of it has been released by investigators almost a week after the gruesome incident.

The owner of the attacking dogs was perceived to be Middle Eastern with a medium build of around 175 centimetres tall. The man has short dark hair and is believed to be in his late 30s. During the mauling, he was wearing a brown jacket.

The two dogs, which are possibly Pit Bulls, were described as short and stocky with rough hair and a medium build. One was black while the other one was white and brown.

The police continue to look for witnesses who were at Monee Ponds Creek Trail at the time of the incident. If you or anyone you know have any information that may help find the owner and his two dogs, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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