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Having a pregnant Cavoodle means that you’re in for the challenging yet fulfilling process of raising newborn puppies. However, before you get to that part, you first need to care for your pregnant pet, from ensuring that she gets all the nutrients she needs, to making sure she’s comfortable and that you have all the needed tools and equipment for a home birth. 

If you’ve confirmed with your vet that your pet is pregnant and that in just a few months’ time you’ll be expecting Cavoodle puppies, it’s best that you prepare ahead of time. To help you with the preparation, we’ve built the ultimate whelping guide so that you can assist your pet Cavoodle every step of the way.

What Do You Need to Ask Your Veterinarian?

Since pregnancy is one of the most sensitive phases in your pet’s life, communicating with your veterinarian or a pet care professional is of utmost importance, not only to ensure that the unborn puppies are healthy but also to make sure that your Cavoodle is healthy and safe. 

For your Cavoodle to be safe, there are a few questions that you need to ask your veterinarian before your dog’s due date so that you’ll know what to expect. Some of these questions include:

  1. Will my cavoodle need a caesarean delivery?

Cavoodles often come in two sizes: miniature and Toy Cavoodles. Because of their small stature, pregnant Cavoodle dogs may need to have a caesarean delivery because of the size of the puppies or if your dog’s labor doesn’t go as planned. Ask your veterinarian for their professional opinion regarding the safety of your dog’s labor and possible recommendations to ensure a smooth labor process. 

  1. How often do I need to take my pregnant dog for check-ups?

Ask your veterinarian regarding the schedule of your pet’s check-ups. You may also ask when you can get an ultrasound so that you can see how many Cavoodle puppies you’ll be expecting so that you can be better prepared once they do arrive.

  1. Can we build a birth plan for my cavoodle?

A birth plan is a great way to organize your Cavoodle’s pregnancy and whelping. With a detailed plan, you can better monitor your pet’s health and anticipate the different phases of their pregnancy.

What Are the Things You Need for Whelping?

Here are 5 non-negotiable items that you need to complete for your pet’s birth checklist a few days or even weeks before she gives birth:

  1. Whelping Box

On top of every pet birth checklist is a whelping box, or a box or crate where your pet can safely give birth in. Line the whelping box with cushioning to ensure that your pregnant Cavoodle will have a proper “nest” when she starts going into labor.

  1. Thermometer

About 24 hours before your pregnant Cavoodle gives birth, her temperature will drop to about 37.78°C. As much as possible, start monitoring your pet’s temperature a few days before her due date to be sure.

  1. Clean Towels and Blankets

Towels and blankets are perfect for lining a whelping box to provide better comfort for your pregnant dog. Having a few clean towels around while your dog is giving birth will also be useful if you need to clean up the newborn puppies after delivery.

  1. Heating Pads

Keep puppies warm and comfortable by placing a heating pad near the whelping box during your pet’s labor. Newborn puppies need a certain amount of heat to ensure that they’re safe and comfortable a few hours or minutes after they’re born.

  1. Heavy Thread or Uncoated and Unflavored Floss

Mothers typically cut through their puppies’ umbilical cords using their teeth, but in the event that they are unable to, you’ll need to tie the umbilical cord using a heavy thread and cut it using sterilized scissors. 

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